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the best press-on set, yet.. clutch nails review.

quarantine made me get more creative and at first, I was going to learn how to do full sets with acrylic. I ordered a drill, acrylic powders, and brushes. however, I'm beyond lazy and I hate spending time on things that seem pointless to me. being stuck in the house, I didn't see a point in keeping my nails done. so I gave up on it.

that is until I discovered the world of press-on nails. I dabbled in a few sets, but they never really stayed and I didn't care for the designs or lengths. I didn't feel there was enough range with the sets would see in store, so I gave up and only used them for photoshoots.

I want to make it very clear-- I will never spend time in the nail salon again thanks to the best set of nails. my friends over at clutch nails sent me the cutest set that I was able to test out and give a real review on.

I received the 'throwing shade' set which had a glossy finish and was short and round in shape. These nails have a neutral gradient color palette as well.

*disclaimer, this post is sponsored by clutch nails, but all opinions are my own*

dee, what is clutch nails?

clutch nails is a cruelty-free and vegan brand of press-on nails that gives you the acrylic feel without the hassle or commitment of the nail salon. they have short-medium-long-xl sets with a bunch of cute designs and styles. there's literally something for everyone.

what's included in a set?

in every set, you get:

  • 24 reusable nails

  • nail file

  • pink nail glue

  • instructions/tip sheet

is it hard to apply a set?

applying clutch nail sets are much easier than I thought. it took about 15 minutes for me to test the size of the nails, lay them out, apply them, and file them down for a more perfect fit. what I suggest when applying is testing them out fully before applying them. don't try to put them on and sizing them one-by-one.

how long do sets last?

the time length that these sets last is dependent on the way you apply them and how long you want them to last. if you want a full set that will last for a few days while you go to a specific event, then they'll for sure last that moment.

however, if you want them to last longer, clutch nails give you the tea to do that. all you have to do is file your nails first to create a surface that isn't smooth for the glue and nails to adhere to. with the proper steps in putting the sets on, they can last up to 2-weeks which is perfect timing!

ok, where can I get them from?

clutch nails do have an online store at https://clutchnails.com/. BUT, if you need a set today, check your local Target because Clutch is available for purchase in-store! they're also on the target.com website and now (super recent update!) at Dollskill!

are they worth it, srsly?

absolutely!-- and clutch nails always have free shipping (no minimum) with sets as low as $4.99. there are themed sets for the season and new sets are constantly being released. I was skeptical at first of trying these nails, honestly. because I've never really had a good experience with press-on nails in the past. I just assumed that they'd be cute for pictures and then flake off. however, I applied them properly based on the instructions given in the package. before writing this post, I tried them for a few days prior and they're still on. my everyday routine and everything is working well with them and I haven't had one pop-off. which is an amazing sign.

the only thing I'm not the biggest fan of is the box they come in. I'm not the brightest when it comes to packages, but it was a bit difficult to get the box that the nails come in, open. a small thing, but it was the only thing I could negatively say about them.

before this, I hadn't used press-ons since I was a kid and they used to come in the makeup sets my mom would buy me, so my mind was blown.

-- to conclude, clutch nails are amazing and I have found myself signing up for the monthly nail subscription because I truly don't think I'll be going back to a nail shop again. they're super easy, look so clean and sleek, and allow for you to change them up as often as you'd like with no harm or negative effects on your real nails which is something I experienced a lot with real acrylics.

again, I want to send a huge thank you to clutch nails and Christiana for sponsoring this post! and, because I got you guys, use 'DEECOLE15' at checkout for 15% off your entire order.