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styling neon for the fall + winter

what did they say on twitter? this was a hot girl summer and the goal was to neon ya'll to death.. well, yeah. that's still the move. neon was probably the most popular trend for the summer season and I definitely see it sticking around for a while. neon green, especially.

I think I love neon the most because of the way it looks on my skin. dark skin and neon colors are so pretty and just pop off each other. although, I think neon is one of those universal concepts that pretty much everyone can kill.

neon on neon

neon-on-neon, or a little monochromatic action, is my favorite. it's the style that's worn out loud and often comes in two-piece sets, or things that naturally go together. i have two neon sets that are biker shorts and the tank and it's definitely one of my more exciting pieces. while i often separate my two-piece sets and wear them with different pieces, these sets i tend to keep together because the neon looks really good together.

even when they're two different 'shades' of neon, it still looks really cool together. the most popular i've seen is the neon orange colors. one shade will be a bit brighter than another, but paired together it's still very much a look.

pop of color & color blocking

as neon is what can really draw attention to you and your look, i think styling looks with pops of color that are neon is really cool too. i've seen this be done with shoes, bags, hats, and even turtlenecks. this is especially prominent during the winter. since people tend to wear darker clothes in the winter, adding a pop of color gives some dimension and is actually really easy to style and put together. in all honesty, it makes you look like you tried really hard even if you didn't. and in the fall, it's for sure to draw attention at the apple orchard.

color blocking is a super easy concept that i don't think gets enough credit. when styling neon especially, color blocking is great because the goal isn't to match or have the same shade of neon. the point is to have different shades, even if it's just a little. put together, it looks really cool and on trend for the season whether that's summer or fall. i do, however, suggest doing neon color-blocking in the fall and winter because it's easier to do so with layers. summer is hard to layer because of the weather, but it looks really nice with turtlenecks and jackets, peacoats, etc.

plaid + print

in the early days of my blog, site, and styling.. plaid was my favorite thing ever. it still is, to be honest. styling neon with plaid and other prints, is such a look omg. my favorite is the plaid, obviously. but to me it just works best with neon green. this can be done in the summer, fall, or winter with a plaid blazer or puffer coat and a neon turtleneck under it. that's amazing and look bomb. it also really stands out with plaid pants and skirts. i'm for sure giving it a go in the later part of this year. other prints that tend to look really good with neon are snake print, cheetah print, and fur (which isn't technically a 'print' but you get the gist). a neutral toned print with a bright neon anything really is street style and can be worn virtually everywhere.

reflective gear + latex

ever since motorsport, reflective gear has been a really big thing. especially the kind that is 'grey' until you flash light on it. surprisingly enough, neon looks really good with reflective clothing. the neon in whatever you're pairing with the reflective gear actually calms the reflective gear down a bit. it helps to draw the outfit in and doesn't wash you out as if you were to wear white or some basic color with it.

latex is everyone's secret obsession. i hated it at first because i didn't want to look like a trashbag, but boy was i wrong. shiny latex and neon looks so cute and it's so on trend. i recommend doing the shiny latex in a skirt or pants form because the jackets just look kind of cheap. (that's my opinion, ok.)

since this post is all about styling neon, i thought i would make a mini neon series and post some of the looks i put together that are neon. the details on where the pieces are from and the cost will be listed below.

The Fringe

This look was one of my favorites! Super cute, super girly & catches attention.

  • Paris Graphic Tee - Nasty Gal $15.26

  • Fringe Sweater (Bad Romance Shaggy Cardigan) - Nasty Gal $16.96

  • Latex Leggings (Liquid Babe Leggings) -BodyCard $23.99

  • Heeled Booties - Fashion Nova (i bought these like 2 years ago and can't find them on the site, sorry.)

  • Snakeskin Bag - SheIn $17

Prepped In Plaid

Raw and edgy. I loved this look because it lets the neon take a step back, but still make a statement.

  • Leather Jacket - Rue 21 $30

  • Plaid Pants - Forever 21 $12.90

  • Neon Sweater - H&M $9.99

  • Boots - H&M $54.99

The Cardigan Chill

Cardigans are my favorite fall and winter pieces. They're so convenient, warm, and can really add a grown lady element.

Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan - Boohoo $26

Turtleneck - Forever 21 $9.90

Joggers - BooHoo $12

Sneakers - Nike $100

neon is a really cool palette that can be styled in the fall and winter for a LOOK. have you hopped on the neon train yet? what do you love or hate about neon? i'm obsessed. which look is your favorite? mine has to be the shaggy cardigan!