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social distancing updates . . .

this is . . . a very, weird time. there is no one in the world that has not been affected by this pandemic. it's scary, and weird. it's . . . nothing any of us have seen or experienced before.

i started off being socially distanced on march 13th, so a little over a month. I've only been around my siblings, parents, and grandma, which is a bit different considering I do like to have brunch dates with my friends and go to the mall.

of everything, i miss church, sitting in Starbucks, and the mall the most. with that, i thought it'd be cool and therapeutic to write about what I've been doing because these things have been keeping me afloat. hopefully, you can find some ideas of some things you can do while being in the house.

so, obviously it's been a while since i wrote anything, posted any content, or anything interesting for that matter-- however, I've been keeping busy behind the scenes! I've been writing posts, putting looks together, scheduling content and things i want to try and accomplish. in addition to this, I'm grateful to still be working everyday (remotely).

I've also been working on some additional projects that'll be out soon and i finished my first semester in grad school! super stressful, but i did it. my next semester starts on may 4th (i honestly have no idea when this will be posted).

I've finally developed a daily and weekly routine for myself and since I'm all about structure, it is a great feeling. this makes my days go by faster and i feel so much more accomplished by the end of the day. (next blog post? i think so.)

while we're all basically stuck in the house, use this time to benefit you. try to emerge from this pandemic as the best version of you and use this time to get there. if that means resting and finally taking care of yourself mentally, do that. if it means attacking some of the goals and things you put to the side due to the stresses of everyday, do that. I've been doing a combination of both and I'm okay with that. sometimes i sleep all day (when i don't work) and sometimes, I'm working on my new projects and content. whatever works for YOU! be inspired and get into your own flow. you'll thank yourself for it later.

think about it. when was the last time the world basically stopped? (not including when Beyonce released formation or announced her pregnancy with the twins). i don't know about anyone else, but prior to this -- i was stressed the hell out. don't get me wrong, ronaV has me good and stressed now, but it's for sure not as bad. i say all this to say, don't view this as a time to overwork yourself and 'catch up' ... go with the flow and do as you feel. i have this feeling where i'll be super focused and engaged with the things on my business to do list for like 3 days, then i'm tired and don't do anything for 2. that's perfectly okay.

oh, and stay off social media. it's hard. we're bored.. but please try to develop different habits. social media is great, but in a time like this it can be extremely overwhelming.. don't contribute to your own demise, especially when you can help it.

i hope you all are having a great (as best as we can) social-distancing experience. check out the other posts on my site to pass the time and remember, stay at home.

and this picture was taken before we got locked inside, don't come for me.