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skims review

being in the house since like.. march, i've been obsessed with finding comfy clothes to lounge around in. even though outside is back open, i'm not convinced.. so maybe around christmas i'll be reading for social interaction, but for now -- i trust no one.

i've been eyeing skims for a while now and never thought about actually purchasing. however, i've been serious about revamping myself completely and def wanted to put some effort into being cute majority of the time. so, i made an impulse decision (or two) and got some things from skims!

to make sure this was a thorough review, i bought things from two of the collections on the site.

the cozy collection

the cozy collection is one of the most sought out from miss. kim. from the way it was branded on her site, it looks like the ultimate lounge set and gives the girls body.

pieces - with the cozy collection, there are 4 pieces that make a set. these items include the cozy knit tank, cozy knit short, cozy knit pant, and cozy knit robe. there are currently 5 color options and all of the pieces are sold as individuals so you're welcome to mix and match as you see fit. that in mind, i bought all of the pieces (to make one complete outfit) in bone [white]. i don't own a lot of white, but i want to change that, so i thought loungewear would be a good place to start.

  • fit: all of the pieces i bought, fit fairly well. in the top and robe, i got a small/medium. in the shorts and pants, i got a large/xlarge. now, in terms of sizing -- miss kim could've given a bit more options for the girls. skims come in a really large range of sizes which i appreciated when shopping, however -- the sizings were a bit weird. i do wear a small/medium in tops and jackets, but in bottoms i like a little more room (thick problems). so i would've appreciated a medium/large in bottoms instead of going straight to large. the shorts still fit nicely and i feel like they would be comfortable. the pants fit in the thighs too, but when i say they're long as hell.. i mean LONG AS HELL. like, they'll drag on the floor. I'm a solid 5'4/5'5 and they are SO long i could make a pair of booty shorts with the extra material. so, keep that in mind when purchasing.

  • quality: one thing miss kim is going to do is give the girls quality, and she did that. these are the most comfortable loungewear pieces i've ever worn and i'm not joking. they're SO soft and feel like they were put together with quality in mind. you can tell it's a good material.

  • price: ok ... this is where the dispute is happening. i love things that are quality and amazing, for cheap. that's my problem. i want an all white townhome with a balcony in the heart of downtown, on the water, for $400/month. that's my issue. for the entire set, it was $326.00 (plus tax). free shipping, but that's still a LOT for a loungewear set. i stay home a lot, so i don't really mind spending more on loungewear and pajamas, but --- that's steep.

  • repurchase: so, i love this set. and while it's basically the middle of summer, i won't be wearing it any time soon. however, i would consider buying certain pieces again just to have different colors. the pants, are a complete bust being so long so i wouldn't purchase those (and i hate sleeping in pants) but i'd for sure get another tank and shorts (maybe in black) to wear with the robe i already have.

dupes -- the best part about all of these clothing brands wanting all of the coin, is that dupes are so easy to find. prettylittlething, honeybum, and ohpolly all have dupes available. so if you're looking for a skims inspired loungewear set and don't want to spend that coin, these are excellent options. i did purchase the honeybum set to compare and while it's cute (i got it in pink) the sizing was weird and the shorts were super tight which is uncomfortable to me. you can also tell the difference in quality when comparing them, but if you just want the look it's a really good option.

cotton ribbed collection

the cotton ribbed collection, i stumbled upon on accident, but i did need new basics so i was considering multi-use pieces.

pieces - the pieces i bought fit surprisingly good. like, scary good and i was concerned for several reasons because the pieces look small, they look like there is minimal stretch... but they came through. i got the cotton molded bra (soot), cotton ribbed boxer (soot), cotton ribbed boxer (bone), cotton ribbed tank (bone), and cotton ribbed thermal legging (bone).

  • fit: the boxers are my favorite of the order because they're so cute, but I've seen reviews where people say they wear them as underwear. which, is completely justified bc they're boxers . . . however, i will not be. i just don't really see myself doing that. i wore them more as like shorts around the house and they were still really comfortable and flexible. the leggings fit well too, but they are indeed thermal leggings. great for the fall/winter. the tank looks like it'll be a cropped fit but it actually sits at a comfortable length. however, i'd recommend sizing up in these pieces. they're ribbed so they have stretch, but would feel more comfortable if they aren't super tight. the bra is my regular size and the leggings/boxers, i got in mediums. next time, i'd probably get a large so they can have a bit more room, but the medium fits just right. the tank was a large and it fit perfect, which is odd because i barely have boobs, but ok.

  • quality: i cannot tell a lie. the quality is there. the boxers are more comfortable than i thought they'd be. the tank is what surprised me the most because i have a lot of tanks and camis from like forever21, target, etc. and this is the best quality tank I've ever bought. i typically buy camis and tanks, throw them in a drawer and wear them under shirts, as pajamas, etc. for this tank, it's going to be taken care of because it's so soft and feels like it's a high-quality tank. it for sure won't be an undershirt for now.

  • price: again, the price is a bit alarming. i bought 5 items and the total was $198 (plus tax). i would definitely buy more leggings and boxers because i see myself living in these and they're the most comfortable I've had. the tank, i'd buy as a replacement, but not to have a supply of. $34 for a tank is steep, soo ...

  • repurchase: of the cotton collection, i really love what i got along with the fit and quality. i would definitely buy more boxers and tanks. maybe even a pair of leggings here and there, but i wouldn't buy the bra again. it's just nothing special and love pink (where i get bras from when i decide to wear them) has just as good quality for a cheaper tag and sales.

have you considered buying skims? if so, get on the waitlist for whatever you want because sis sells out in minutes and it's . . . upsetting.