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fenty skin review, the real tea.

after purchasing my fenty skin combo set, i've used it for 5 days straight to give the real tea. i did a first impressions and walk-through video that i was going to post on my youtube, but i wanted to use the products to provide a thorough and full review.

what did you get?

with the initial launch of fenty skin, i got all three products which was the total cleans'r remove-it-all cleanser, fat water pore-refining toner serum, and hydra vizor invisible moisturizer broad spectrum spf 30 sunscreen.

how much did it cost? what are the options?

as of now, there are three products offered. i purchased the bundle deal of all 3 products for $75. the cleans'r retails for $25, the toner serum is $28, and the sunscreen is $35.

what was your first impression? -- let's get into it.

  • pros: this system, is very smooth. all of the products glide on really nicely and i didn't really feel oily or stripped when using it. the scent of the cleans'r was nice and didn't bother me much. the sun screen is also pretty nice since i never really do a good job with wearing sunscreen. the dispensers are cute and very different from anything i've seen before, which made me like the products more.

  • cons: the toner, is not my favorite. it smells weird and i honestly just didn't like it off the first use. when first putting the toner on, it was decent and applied nicely. but when it dried, it made my skin feel kind of sticky. i'm not sure if the purpose is to also have a primer type of feel so makeup applies better, but when just using the system, i wasn't a fan.

how has or hasn't your impression changed after using the products?

so i received my package on tuesday (8/4) and used it for the first time on wednesday (8/5). after my first usage on wednesday, i've been using it 2x per day for 4 days. i still really like the cleans'r and honestly, think i'll be using it moving forward. i was looking around for a new cleanser and i really like this one.

the toner water, i've used 2x per day as instructed, and honestly.. i'm still not really a fan. i currently use a toner from valjean labs and i like it a lot more than this one. it could possibly be the consistency of the product that's throwing me off because it is named 'fat water' and it literally is that ... fat water.

the sunscreen is ... interesting. i like it and definitely will keep it. the pink tint, i've seen people dislike on twitter, but since i'm dark skin it honestly helps me. i don't have a cast or anything left after applying it, so i'm going to continue to use it.

future usage of the current products?

as mentioned, i love the cleans'r. i'm going to continue to use it because i really like the ingredients. the scent is really one of my favorites and the dispenser is so different. it makes my skin feel really clean and not stripped or damaged. it also serves as a makeup remover, which is nice.. i won't be using it as a makeup remover because i have another balm i like using.. but as a cleanser, it's really nice.

i'm not going to repurchase the toner serum. i just . . . don't like it. i don't think i'd pay $28 for a refill once i'm done. i'd just let it go, honestly. i may continue the use because i don't see any negative effects on my skin and i did already pay for it ... but once it's gone, it's gone. i personally reach for the toner i've been using over this one. it's not a BAD product, let me make that clear. some people may really love this product. i, however, am not a fan.

fenty skin-- why or why not?

fenty skin has taken over. i've seen so many posts, videos, order confirmations, etc. regarding the new products. they're really decent products which is really nice because some popular skincare brands launch and the products just... aren't it. my skincare routine has taken forever to get decent and make my skin pop.. so i'm not trying to mess it up experimenting with products for the name.

if you are extremely sensitive to scented products... i would not recommend you purchase the cleans'r. it isn't too heavily scented, but you can definitely smell it and those that are very reactive, may experience breakouts.

the toner serum.. i tried to make myself like it, but i don't. i'm not sure what about it exactly that i dislike, but i am just not the biggest fan.

the sunscreen is excellent if you're not a full time sunscreen wearer. it also recommends reapplying every 2 hours, so keep that in mind. as

mentioned, a lot of people on twitter were upset about the color of the product being pink. however, when i applied, i didn't see any cast or shadow or an ashy look that comes with some of the other sunscreens out there.

for this to be the first go-round.. i like the products for the most part. i'm excited to see how rihanna continues to grow and expand the line with additional products. i would also love to see a foaming cleanser because that's really my favorite.

have you purchased fenty skin? what are your thoughts so far?