• demaiac.

deecoded cosmetics, llc. . . . i started a business!

hi, loves-- it's been a while since i posted a new blog post and that's because i finally started a business!

background-- the way i got into blogging was through social media and beauty. when 'makeup twitter' was a huge thing, i was always so interested in products, tutorials and trying new looks. so much so that my first credit card at 19 was for Ulta with a $700 limit.

i've been passionate about starting a business with the ultimate goal of working for myself full time one day. i've wondered for years what i could do and i've dabbled in a few things to test the waters. i tried to curate baskets for occasions (the princess package) and that didn't really work out. i also did some freelance social media work (the deecole social group) because i truly love social media. neither one of those things really fueled me and i gave up on them because i wasn't really passionate. (to be clear, i love social media and still do very much-- however running other people's accounts and curating content for them fully, is a lot and it became less fun.)

the why-- beauty has been a part of my life for a long time. i've always loved lipgloss and i wanted to create something that everyone could love and feel a part of. in crafting this business, i also wanted to have what i didn't see clearly which was quality products at affordable prices. products that smelled good and had positive effects on my lips.

thus, d e e c o d e d c o s m e t i c s , l l c.

was born . . .

the biz-- the site launched on june 22 at 5p and i was nervous the entire time. the launch lineup included 7 shades with sheer and pigmented options. shade names included: baw$e, prince$$, oKAY, material girl, juicy, bourgeois, and frose.

the purpose of deecoded cosmetics, llc. is to make everyone feel like they're high maintenance and worth it because you are. with that in mind, i crafted an entire brand that focuses on you having the code. the code being the bag, the focus, the ambition, the hustle, the confidence.

from the time customers place an order to receiving their products and the repurchase, deecoded cosmetics is an experience and that's what i felt i was missing from a lot of companies. don't talk about it, be about it. i wanted to create that experience for people. so a lot of thought was put into the branding, the products, the names, the scents, ingredients, packaging, etc. i feel like people can really see the branding and aesthetics of the brand which gets me really excited.

of course i'm making improvements and i know my brand will continue to get larger, but for where and how it started --- i'm proud. my first week of sales, i sold out of 5 shades. as of today (days before my restock) i have only 6 tubes of gloss left from the first drop. and if you ask me, that's pretty amazing! i'm in this for the long haul. i've experienced frustration, anger, and everything else when building, launching, promoting, and maintaining this brand. i've also experienced happiness, joy, gratitude, growth, and faith. that's the biggest key, faith.

moving forward-- dcc been causing me to get back into my bag in a lot more ways than one. i'm back focused, in a sense. i'm constantly working to better my products and offerings for my customers, i'm getting great content for my blog and coming with new fashion/heat. i'm also looking at revisiting previous avenues ... so, tea -- my youtube is coming back!

i want to have some fashion videos, lookbooks, tutorials, and vlogs on youtube, but i also want to create entrepreneur life content for my blog (thedeecole) and youtube channel. basically every avenue that i'm pursuing leading back to another. i'm excited for this and i know it's going to do well.

trust me, by the end of 2020 -- i'm going to be in such an amazing position. i can't wait to see the growth. if there is any content you want to see regarding business/entrepreneur life, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc. feel free to let me know.

tea-- thank you all for sticking by me and supporting all of my products and passions. so, if you're reading this, use "blogbabe" at checkout on deecodedcosmetics.com for 10% off your order from now until forever.