• demaiac.

corset tops.

can i say, i really loooveeee corsets. growing up, i always thought they were super risque, but now that I'm grown . . . wow! super cute and feminine and they add the slightest detail to a look. now, you're pretty much able to find corset styled pieces in every form (dresses, bodysuits, hoodies, jogger sets). even still, I'm hooked and I keep buying and styling different corset themed pieces.

pre-valentine's day ♡

- designed corset (pretty little thing -- https://bit.ly/3aNrgLg)

- mom jeans (pretty little thing -- https://bit.ly/34c89YM)

- clear heels (fashion nova -- https://bit.ly/39M30ru)

pre-quarantine ♡

- graphic tee (milano di rouge -- https://bit.ly/3dXCEq8)

- corset vest (dollskill -- https://bit.ly/2JGGwxB)

- plaid pants (forever 21 -- https://bit.ly/34b4OJI)

- mini bag (zara -- [similar] https://go.zara/3dXEt6s)

- sneakers (alexander mcqueen -- https://bit.ly/34dWbxP)