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clip-in extensions + lovrio hair review

what is this?

clip-ins are a form of extensions that allows you to add length and volume to your hair without the commitment of a sew-in, or the frustration that can come with wigs. while this doesn't pertain to everyone because some of my closest friends love wigs so much, i can't get jiggy with them. i've tried so many times and it never works.

while i shouldn't be admitting this to anyone but my therapist, i am afraid of commitment and clip-ins allow me to effortlessly change my style without committing to anything i don't really want. i also enjoy the fact that on the days i don't leave my house, i don't have to worry about my hair being down, or in my face because it's laying on my dresser waiting to be installed. that's how you know you're doing okay.

i love that clip-ins come in a host of different lengths, colors, textures, and are the key for changing your look in the slightest way. if you want highlights, clip-ins. are you natural and want length while you're transitioning? clip-ins. there's literally something for everyone and i'm obsessed.

what set? what's included? where to purchase? how much?

i purchased the 16" lovrio set of straight extensions from amazon. they were $63.88 and are 100% human clip-ins. the package i received had 7 pieces (full tracks) that alternated between 4-3-2 and 1 clips. the one longest piece has 4 clips, there are 2 pieces with 3 clips, 3 pieces with 2 clips and 1 piece with 1 clip. that was probably confusing, but hopefully, the pictures will help.

they arrived in 2-days (shoutout to amazon prime) and came with 2 extra wig clips (for emergencies, obviously), a wide-tooth comb, and a large clip for use when styling. the package was a rectangle box with the company logo and everything was nicely packaged inside. i use my original packaging to maintain my clip-ins when they're not in use, but you definitely don't have to. the only downside to this packaging is that when they arrived, they were bent and had a small crook in them. so i had to flat iron them prior to installing them for the first time.

maintenance? how long do they last? what should i expect when buying them?

clip-ins are very different from wigs or sew-ins. with clip-ins, you do take them out daily. with that, there is less tension and stress being put on your hair which in turn, makes it last longer. i'd recommend treating the hair like you would a sew-in. wash it in cold water bi-weekly (depending on the usage). i don't wear my clip-ins every day or add products to them, so there is a larger gap in wash times for me.

when buying these, or any clip-ins for that matter, you should expect a go-to hairstyle that you can depend on. as long as my hair is straight (for this set), i have a hairstyle. then i can put it in a ponytail, bun, etc.

why clip-ins? what are the pros & cons?

clip-ins are literally my newest obsession because they're so easy to work with. i like that i can style them prior to putting them in (if i want curls or need to straighten them). then, it's just a matter of installing them and blending my hair-- which is not hard to do.

pros: easy style, takes minutes to install (once you're used to them), lasts a long time, maintained throughout the day, requires little effort, makes changing up your look super simple. taking them out at night or the end of your day takes seconds, there is no tension on your hair causing breakage, and you don't have to add unnecessary heat to your hair.

cons: if your hair is 'too straight' it can make the clips slippery. putting them in every morning (like for work) seems like a hassle at 6 a.m.

how do you apply clip-ins? what way do you prefer?

there are basically two ways to apply clip-ins. the first way being the most basic way. parting your hair section by section (starting from the bottom) and adding the clips. with that, your largest piece (the 4-clipped one) will be somewhere in the middle of your head and the rest will be above or below it accordingly. the best part about this method is that your parts don't have to be straight and the pieces look more natural.

*i would like to add this disclaimer- anyone can use clip-ins as long as your real hair covers the clips and tracks. however, they look more natural if you get a length that is closer to the length of your hair. now, my real hair is NOT 16", but when i blend the clips with my hair it looks like i have layers. i wanted my clip-ins to look more natural and went with a shorter length, but if i would've gotten 20"+, it would've been a bit more obvious.

this leads into my more preferred way to install clip-ins. this method is my absolute favorite because there is less time being spent trying to blend your hair, it's more protective, and just makes things easier. with this method, i only leave the crown of my hair out. so the front and the top. the rest of my hair is twisted or braided and pinned down. from there, i clip-in the pieces from the bottom up leaving the largest piece for the middle/middle-top of my head. the only "exposed" track is the one at the very top and then i blend in the hair i left out. voila! minimal leave out with a head full of hair!

if describing this method confused you, i apologize. with that, i've recorded my very first IGTV video showing how i install my clip-ins! you can watch the video (and follow me) here!

are you into clip-ins? have you tried them before-- what are your thoughts?