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bootaybag review

"the days of digging through mall sale bins are so 2016"

you can NEVER have too many pairs of underwear. bootaybag is taking the guesswork out of panty shopping, which is perfect for someone like me who gets extremely overwhelmed during the infamous 8/$28 sales.

bootaybag is a subscription based company that delivers underwear in the cutest little brown package starting at just $9 per month. you just choose your package, size and style preferences, and it's that simple!


1 pair - $9/month

2 pair - $13/month

4 pair - $20/month

Matching Set (Bralette + Panties) - $18/month

style options:

mix-it-up: a combo of cheeky + thongs.

always thongs: only thongs in your packages.

never thongs: full coverage, but very much hot girl!

the shipping is always free and it's the perfect no strings attached relationship. you're able to swap styles, skip months, or cancel anytime. you're also able to save up points and use them for member-exclusive drops on their site!

orders are processed of the 15th of every month and sent out after that, so it's always a treat to see that little brown bag in the mail.

for the men who may not know what to get a special lady in their lives, they even offer a gift option where you can pay for someone's subscription to the site for 1 month / 3 months / a year.

bootaybag also donates to The Undies Project on behalf of all their customers to donate pairs of underwear to ladies in need-- how amazing is that!

(we're gonna act like my ankle isn't ashy.. k? k.)

i've fallen in love with bootaybag and i want to thank them for sending me a package! i received two pairs of panties (one thong and one pair of bikini cut). they feel super soft and are the cutest designs (one is very lace and the other has a scalloped trim)!

i think i'm going to commit to bootaybag moving forward! the panties are amazing quality, they shipped extremely fast, and are moving towards making my life easier. when i shop for underwear in bulk (during sales like 8/$28), i tend to get extremely overwhelmed. it frustrates me trying to pick through the bins while there are a bunch of other girls doing the same thing. it's a literal nightmare. with bootaybag, i just wait for my package to come in the mail and go on about my day.

pros- i think bootaybag is perfect for ease, to switch up your style & provides quality.

cons- cost wise, it adds up over time. i think you pay more for the convenience which to some people may not be a big deal (but for me it’s everything.. love shopping; hate the mall.)

make sure you check out bootaybag!

website- https://bootaybag.com/

instagram - @bootaybag_

have you guys ever heard of bootaybag? what's the real tea? i think we may be onto something here!