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5 fenty beauty products you need . . .

fenty beauty is that girl! she came through with the shade range and continues to just amaze us. luckily for me, fenty had their annual friends + family sale where the site offered 20% off everything! you know, i had to clean up! with that, i bought some items i've had my eye on because this was a perfect time.

after receiving my products in 2-days (yes, actually 2-days) i was super eager to try everything out and decided to write a post on the items i think are work spending your hard-earned coin on.

Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear Foundation

this foundation is so amazing. the bottle is bigger than what i expected it to be and it gives you such good coverage. however, it's truly hydrating so i do recommend using a soft matte (like the one i ordered) or an actual matte primer.

Gloss Bomb

i really love lipgloss. my two favorites from fenty beauty are fu$$y and fenty glow. these are the most universal and with a liner, they really are great. they give the perfect mixture of color and coverage without being sticky or overpowering.

Pro Filt'r Primer [Soft Matte]

coming from a person that hated primer, it means a lot that i found one i actually like. my skin is combination so i can't go for a completely matte or completely hydrating primer or foundation. i think this primer does a good job of allowing the foundation to stick without sliding or being too oily throughout the day.

Match Stix

being dark skin, i often struggle to find products that i can contour with. one that doesn't look like mud. when fenty released these match stix, they quickly have become my go-to when contouring. my shade is espresso and it's legit perfect. super creamy and you don't have to use a lot for the pigment to be seen. highly recommend.

Pro Filt'r Concealer

concealers are usually the product i don't switch because once i find what i like, i stick to it. since it was on sale and i do like to try foundation + concealer combos, i ordered this one to see how i would like it. i was pleasantly surprised when i tried this one out. i completely guessed my shade, which is NOT the right thing to do, but it turned out ok. i would recommend letting the concealer dry down a little bit before blending for full coverage. (jackie aina taught me!)

Aside from these products (and the match stix-- i bought that a while ago!) i did also pick up the precision makeup sponge and the pro filt'r setting powder.

i enjoyed the sponge and it was packaged super cute, but i don't really see the difference between that sponge and a beauty blender or real techniques sponge. the fenty sponge is $16 and a beauty blender is $20 while the real techniques is $7. if you're strapped for cash, a real technique sponge is just as good!

the setting powder is also really good and it's finely milled! the packaging is also HUGE and i love that because i know it'll last me a long time. i do recommend swatching the product in store based on what you're using it for. i typically use setting powder for under my eyes and my contour and i got the shade nutmeg because the site said that would brighten my undereye (which is what i want the most!) this powder seems a bit too warm for more in terms of brightening and it's not really the look i'm going for. i want to try it out more, but i see myself reaching for my beauty bakerie powder in yellow because it's a favorite!