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19 things I learned in college . . .

Graduation season is quickly coming to an end for college students. In fact, my graduation was basically 3 weeks ago. Time really flies. I thought it would be interesting to write down and discuss some of the things college taught me, outside of the classroom.

Since I graduated in '19, there are going to be 19 points because that's cute. There are a lot of people who will be starting college in the fall, finishing college soon, etc. I wanted to share my perspective of things.

1. It's okay to not be okay -- College is actually very stressful on everyone in different ways. I didn't struggle much academically, but emotionally I was a wreck. It's okay to not be 100% all the time.

2. Find something you love outside of the norms -- Everything you do doesn't have to be related to your major or field of study. Find a hobby, something you're passionate about. It gives you something to relax with and work on when things get rough.

3. Learn to be alone -- While a lot of people think college is one of those places that is always lit and you're always with a bunch of people, you're wrong. You have to be alone sometimes and build that bond with yourself. Learn to love "me-time".

4. Who are you versus who you're not -- In college, you meet a bunch of people. Don't try to change who you are to fit someone else. I learned this my last year of school, to be honest. If you don't like going to parties, don't. Be you and those who are aligned in the same purpose will be on the walk with you.

5. No, it's not like the movies -- You watch a few movies about college and think you've got it all figured out. It isn't a perfect love story 100% of the time. You're going to be upset and have bad days. You're going to threaten to drop out several times, per day.

6. Find who sets your heart on fire -- There's a lot of people you'll meet that following an interaction you'll know.. "they aren't my friend." but there are some people you'll meet that will make you feel like you. The friendships will be familiar even when just meeting. Hold onto them.

7. Forgive your friends like you forgive that man/woman -- There's no such thing as a perfect friend. Ever. People are going to annoy you. They're going to do things you don't like. They're going to say things that are like, "girl, what?!" but if they're your real friend, don't lose them over a simple annoyance or falling out. You forgive your man when he acts a fool, so forgive your friend when she gets under your skin. Your real friends are like family, they're gonna annoy you. It's basically their job.

8. Apologize, you're not perfect either -- accept responsibility for your role in situations. Even when you think you did nothing wrong, you might have. Be an adult and say 'sorry' when it applies and actually mean it.

9. Stop clout chasing -- 5 years from now, or whenever you graduate.. the 'clout' you had won't matter. After college is the real world and people don't care that everybody in college knew who you were. It becomes what do you know? What can you do? What did you learn?

10. There's more to life -- As an extension to #9, there is more to life than college. Don't be upset or discouraged if your friends are in relationships and you're not. There's an entire world out there that spans way beyond your college campus. 7 billion people on this planet and you're upset about the small percentage of that which attends your university? Come on.

11. Get some sleep -- I know people think doing an allnighter and not sleeping is cool and everybody is a philosopher when it comes to Twitter and telling people to "work harder" but if negating sleep made everyone millionaires, we'd all be rich by now. Take a break. Get a nap. Rest. You can't perform well without doing so.

12. Ask questions -- from your professors and from others. You don't know everything & if you did, you wouldn't be in college. You're expected to learn from your professors, but you can also learn from your peers. Take that and learn all that you can. Be receptive.

13. Everybody doesn't like you -- lol, you're not going to be everybody's cup of tea! You go into college with the mentality that it'll be great and perfect. Somebody is going to think you're annoying. Somebody is going to dislike you. That is their problem, not yours. Be you, effortlessly. What they think of you is their problem, not yours. Don't make it yours.

14. Change your major -- If you go into college knowing exactly what you want to do and stick with it, I commend you. I went into college as a fashion major. I finished with a degree in public relations. I can explain how I got there and why at a later date, if you want.. but it's cool to change your major. Go with what fuels your passions, not what will make you the most money possible. You won't be happy, you'll hate your job, your edges will fall out.

15. Learn to let go -- Holding onto things that hurt you once only leaves room for it to hurt you again. Let it go. The girl that stole your seat in class one time, stop grimming her when you see her. LET IT GO. You look crazy. Stop holding on to things that don't matter. Someone you used to be friends with, let it go. If it wasn't meant to be, it just wasn't. Let it go and don't be a weirdo.

16. Ask for help -- It's okay to ask for help and guidance. Once again I'm reiterate, you don't know everything. It's perfectly normal to say, "help me" or "teach me." Just be willing to help someone else.

17. Go get what you want -- Make your own opportunities. Sometimes you'll get an internship with a place that wasn't looking for an intern. Make yourself marketable and shoot your shot. If you want a certain professor to mentor you. Ask. If you want someone to teach you how to edit, ask... but be respectful. Don't expect anything for absolutely nothing.

18. Invest in yourself -- If you want to make it, you will. Put yourself first. Invest in YOU. I had to learn this the hard way. I want to blog and make videos, right? I invested in myself and bought a ring light so I could up the lighting in my pictures and videos. Have this mindset. Other people won't take you serious until you take yourself serious. Use your resources, but take steps to put yourself in the position to win.

19. Network -- please do not confuse this for #9. Meet new people and network, for sure. It's not always what you know, it's who you know. Go to events in the field you want to be in. Be friendly and nice, but don't use people to get where you want to be. People take mental notes of things like that.

College was simultaneously the best and worst time of my life. I met some of my closest friends. I learned a lot in and out of the classroom. I dreamed bigger and aimed higher. I also experienced loss. I got my feelings hurt, my heart (what I thought was) broken. Use it as a time to reflect.

If you are also the class of 2019 (college), congratulations. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of us. Really reflect and make your next move your best move.

If you're in college or going to, you're not going to listen. That's okay too, lol. Go, experience and make a mental note of what's being said. You'll look back and be like wow.. she was right lol.