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100 detroit female bloggers x femology

so lately, i've been super busy in the best way possible! i had my wisdom teeth (2) extracted on thursday morning, and had to hit the town on saturday for the 100 Detroit Female Bloggers event thrown annually by femology.

this was my first year being invited to the event and i was extremely excited. when the event initially launched a year ago, i wasn't able to attend and while i was salty back then, i feel it was for good reason. i wasn't in nearly as good of a place blog-wise as i am now and the growth was necessary.

nevertheless, the event took place this past saturday and 100 female bloggers from detroit and surrounding areas gathered together for networking, collaborations, and amazing photoshoots!

although i was still in a bit of pain, i took my medicine, got my best pink suit and went on.

when i say i'm so happy i did! the event was held at the fed which is the cutest little brunch spot in clarkston, mich. the food is really good and it is sooo insta-worthy! no wonder it was the perfect spot for 100 bloggers to meet. the photo-ops really never ended.

the owner of the fed is a boss herself & has her own brand. she spoke briefly on the importance of believing in yourself and pushing forward no matter what. this is extremely important and really resonated with me. this is why i decided to make a post on this event!

typically, i don't do event posts on my blog-- but this one, i feel warrants a post to discuss timing, your journey, staying open to growth, the future being female & networking.

the event was absolutely wonderful! it was filled with networking and i met so many of my IG baes and new friends! this leads into my first point of the importance of networking.

being open to meeting new people who are into the same things you're into motivates you in an indescribable way. i left feeling like, wow.. i need to work harder! had i not gone to an event like this, i don't think the feeling would've been as real for me. you always compare yourself to people you see on the internet. people doing similar things, or things you wish you were doing- but meeting & actually talking to them building those bonds makes it much more real and dire for yourself. my 'why' was restored following this event.

while feeling motivated and determined to work harder, the event also stressed the importance of trusting your journey. some of the blogger babes there had 25K+! there were also smaller influencers with 1K. everyone's timing is different & seeing people you look up to go through the same things you do makes you more comfortable in knowing, it's ok. it's a journey, not a race and with hard work & staying the course, you'll get there.

timing is extremely important and things work out the way they should. last year, i wasn't nominated to attend this event and my little heart was shattered. i thought i was doing everything right back then. looking back, i was a mess & so was my blog! i've witnessed so much growth from a year ago and i feel like i've put more of myself into my blog and my influencing goals. now i'm being introduced to opportunities i didn't have previously. it just wasn't my timing then, so accepting that and growing through it is extremely important. growing pains are very, very real-- but once it's your time to bloom, you blossom.

the last point i want to touch on, is building your network! the future is female & having strong women pushing you & rooting you on is one of the best feelings in the world. being genuine and being yourself, can introduce you to some amazing people. everyone knows what it feels like to have an interest that no one around you can relate to. i've felt like that about blogging for a long time. people just don't get it. so now that i have a network of the bossiest babes who feel about blogging the same way i do and can relate to my feelings about the instagram algorithm and getting the right photo for my feed, i am making it a point to nuture those relationships.

altogether, i had an amazing time at the 100 detroit female bloggers event and i hope to go again! i met some amazing people, got some awesome pictures, and feel so inspired moving forward!

outfit details:

ofc i have to share my outfit details!

the dress code was bright suits because what's more powerful that a lady in a suit!

mine is from boohoo and the collab with jordyn woods.

i paired the suit with a white tank underneath, and simple black pumps!

*i'm also very proud of my bun, because i did it myself.. i'm basically a hair stylist at this point.*

below are some of the pictures from the event! as more become available, i'll be updating this post so be on the lookout!

some of the blogging cuties + their instagrams below are:

  • Faith - @faaithzebra

  • Devan - @_devxo

  • Alayna - @fashionlayn

  • Isabela - @isaantelmo

  • Andrea - @andreapugab

  • Dani - @DarlingDetroiter

  • Liberty - @Liberty_Hale