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how i started my lipgloss business (8.12)

deecoded cosmetics, llc. has officially been in business for a month and some change. my business, my baby.. it's thriving and i'm so proud of how far it has come in literally a month. it has surpassed everything i thought i would be able to do and i'm nowhere near finished.

i said i wanted to start incorporating entrepreneur content within my blog and instagram for others to follow along my journey and provide some assistance for others who are interested in being their own boss and building a brand. i'm nowhere near able to provide personal assistance, but with what i know, i'm happy to share.

that said, the first post i wanted to write was an outline of HOW i started my business. i plan on going deeper into vendors, my process, etc. in later posts and videos, but i wanted to provide a REAL testimonial of how i started my business. i see a lot of videos and posts from people making it seem like it's a few days process, and my goal is ultimately to help people. so you know i'm going to tell you the real tea.

the steps i took to start my business are below--

1) research

2) practice

3) budget + financial aspect

4) business things (the un-fun part)

5) building your brand

6) more practice and research

7) promotion

8) launch

these are just the things i did to START my business.. maintaining it is an entirely different thing, which is why i'll continue to post entrepreneur style videos and written posts.

with research, i started off figuring out what i wanted to do and how. i watched videos, read posts, followed people who were doing what i wanted to do in some degree and really looked at how they were doing it. i spent a lot of time googling 'how-to's' and comparing processes and ideas to figure out what and how i was going to go about it.

then, i moved into practice -- i started practicing making products and experimenting with what i'd like to be encompassed in my brand as far as scents, oils, colors, etc.

after practicing and really getting an idea of if this was something i wanted to do, i started to budget and plan the financial aspect. so, where could i get tubes, base, flavoring, etc. with working full time and paying bills, what could i buy every check to help me until i launch? what would i need to launch versus more practice? what kind of tubes did i want? what kind of flavors and scents. being realistic with yourself is the most beneficial aspect of this step. i am, by no means, rich... but i didn't want to spare any background with my business. i wanted to really put my all into things, so i did. if i wanted it for my business, i did what i had to do to get it. some things were more beneficial than others. i ended up using one thing over another, but again-- it's a part of the process.

i wanted to ensure i was operating as professionally as possible. so with that, i went into the un-fun part of business. obtaining my llc and licensing. it didn't take a super long time, but i definitely had to look into accountants and help financially, sales tax laws and regulations.

from there, i started building my brand and determining the overall feel and look based on the name i selected. so, colors, slogans, themes, etc. for me, this was actually really fun.

after these things were set away and i had my logo and things completed, i went back into the lab and really perfected my formula. how i wanted my products to feel, apply, look, etc. i practiced for weeks and finally decided what ingredients, launch shades, etc.

after i had my formula solidified, i went into promotion. creating my site, creating my instagram page, crafting my names, descriptions, product photos, etc. really tying everything together. then i started to post on my business page and let people know on my personal page that i had a new project coming and how excited i was to eventually share.

i started sharing 5 days before i launched and then . . . i launched with the site and everything completed. i wanted everything to be an experience for customers, so i didn't launch until i was ready, for the most part.

this sounds like a pretty simple process, when really -- i faced different issues that arose during all of the different stages. perfecting your formula can be a lot of wasted product. figuring out a budget can be difficult when you don't know if you're getting a decent price or not. i will go into details eventually on the different things i had to get through when launching my business, but for now -- these are the overall stages i went through in launching and starting my cosmetics business.

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