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5 things that will benefit your business . . .

everyone and their business needs are different, but everyone could use a little help with what they'll need to start their business. i went into things basically with no clue on what to do, what i'd need, and what i wouldn't. with that, i spent a lot of money that i could've saved and ended up buying things i never thought i would need.

this list isn't perfect, and as with every entrepreneur post or video, i want to make it known that these are things that i personally found useful and helpful. some of these things you may not need based on your business and what you'll be doing, making, selling, or promoting.

1) a GOOD notebook -- really, i recommend two. i'm big on prayer, so i use one notebook for my business goals and manifestations. the other, i use for my business. i write everything down, and i mean everything. my budget. my inventory list. things i need to restock the site. ideas for future products or collections. this is extremely important when you're attempting to start something new. not just a business, but anything new.

2) a printer -- i cannot stress the importance of a printer. it's one of those items that you don't think you need, but you do. i didn't end up buying a printer until 3 days before my launch. it never crossed my mind that i'd need a printer, but ever since i've purchased it -- i use it everyday. even if i don't have an order that day, i use it daily. it's just a great tool to have available.

3) planner -- even before starting my business, i lived in my planner. it's the best thing ever and helps me stay so organized with school, work, my business, and blog. i highly recommend getting a customized one that you can control the add-ons. i have add-ons in my planner with sections for blog planning, video planning, business details, etc. and it's a lifesaver. if you can't get a custom one, any regular planner or calendar will do. something to help you stay accountable and have better control over your day/week/month/year.

4) canva -- i can't explain enough how canva is everything to me. i'm able to make graphics in a heartbeat and even edit on the go with the mobile app. if you aren't photoshop savvy or just need something simple, i highly suggest getting a canva account to save time and money on graphics in the long run.

5) organizational system -- i was fortunate enough to turn our guest bedroom into an office space for my business. with that, i purchased the proper organizers and space for my business to have inventory, new products, etc. even if you only have a small corner in your living room, use it to the best of your ability. keep a spreadsheet to keep track of how much of your inventory you have. get an organizer to keep things separated and easy to locate. write everything down (i use a binder) and save receipts. this will help you stay organized all across the board with finances, managing inventory and stock, and reinvesting. even if you don't have a product based business and create digital things for people, use an organizational system to manage your time, efforts, what you need to do, subscriptions, people to contact, etc. organization is a major key.

obviously i used more things to help organize my business and get it running, but these are 5 major things that have been a lifesaver. i thought it'd be beneficial to share and really get an idea going of what will and can help your business in a major way.

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