About me

Hi everyone! I'm Demaia, 'deecole'. I'm a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger from Detroit, Mich. 

I'm passionate about fashion, styling, beauty, skincare, travel, and all things girly. 

I'd describe my style as girly, extra (at times), and super versatile. Sometimes I want to wear fur with heels. Other times I'm in a jogging suit and gym shoes. I would also describe myself as frugal.. in other words, I'm boujee on a budget. I love fashion and sometimes, I just have to splurge, but I know how to find a deal and make some things shake to get more bang for my buck. I'm all about mix & match to take an inexpensive outfit and make it look like it's from the latest, most exclusive boutique.  

I graduated from college with my bachelors in public relations and communication. While I do enjoy that side of things, I'm extremely passionate about fashion and beauty. Especially when it comes to content creation. Blogging is my way of expressing who I am and in short, it gives me something to look forward to. Planning shoots, being creative, and going shopping (of course!) make me happy and it's something I really pour myself into now that I'm out of school. My blog, like myself and my style, is always changing. It's always becoming a better version of me. 

With that, I hope my blog is everything for you... I hope it gives you new ideas, helps you express yourself and feels like I'm your newest BFF, because I basically am.


Hebrews 6:19.

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